Crazy Disney power

Lee, Priscilla, Valerie, Dan, and Djuan. Crazy Disney power. Jody Maberry, the “Disney Podcaster”, was there too. All three of Jody’s Disney podcast clients were there last night. We would have had another 35 Disney years there but Cheryl needed (and wanted) to readjust after being away for four days….and the first day in eight […]


We spent 12 hours at Walt Disney World and recorded as many episodes as we could. Learned a ton. Can’t wait to see what other crazy ideas this experience will yield in the future. In an hour, we (family) head up north to spend the weekend at our son’s future college. Finally, the remodeling crew […]

Untethered with conformity

Untethered with conformity, that’s what children are by default. Still taking risks, by default. As we redo our two upstairs bathrooms for the first time since building them in 1992, the technology advancements are exciting. A waterless hot water heater. Motion-detection on/off sinks. No-touch sensor for the toilet flush. Apps to turn the shower on and off.  […]

How long should a great TEDx Talk last?

There is a TEDx Talk here by Duncan Wardle, a former Disney executive. It’s almost 18-minutes long. How does under 10 minutes sound? Eight minutes? What about 12 minutes? •  •  •  •  • This website is about our home health. To leave this site to read today’s post on my mental attitude website, click here. If you […]