Day To Day

Off To Work We Go…

Snapped this photo from the Disney Dream Cruise Ship on January 9th…

Not everyone’s Monday is going to be magical today.

And do you think people really care if you’ve got problems?

Everybody has problems.

I’m trying, by writing five daily, differently themed blogs, to encourage you to dig deep within yourself. Do what you need to do. And if you can’t do it alone, please get help.

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Dear Son

Dear Son #15

Dear Son, as you watch me each day, if I ever make anything look easy, please refocus to remember that it was never the gift that made it work, but the hard work that made it the gift.

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When Your Life Changes

Disney Dream Photos – Set 5 of 5

Create a space, an “office”, any size, that works for you…

Find a million ways to continually improve...

Get your stuff organized so you know where everything is...

If we’re lucky, life will be a long haul…

Mr. Fredrickson’s story is similar to many…putting things off…

Bottom line…we all know this… is about HQ – Head Quarters, home base, the office, whatever you want to call it. It’s the paperwork of life…your life, and how organized you are and the priorities you set. For example:

My wife and I spent our lives climbing the proverbial corporate ladder, learning way too late it was leaning against the wrong wall.

PS. We’ve rethought, reprioritized and recommitted to a new path….involving parenthood.

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