When Your Life Changes

Disney Dream Photos – Set 5 of 5

Create a space, an “office”, any size, that works for you…

Find a million ways to continually improve...

Get your stuff organized so you know where everything is...

If we’re lucky, life will be a long haul…

Mr. Fredrickson’s story is similar to many…putting things off…

Bottom line…we all know this… is about HQ – Head Quarters, home base, the office, whatever you want to call it. It’s the paperwork of life…your life, and how organized you are and the priorities you set. For example:

My wife and I spent our lives climbing the proverbial corporate ladder, learning way too late it was leaning against the wrong wall.

PS. We’ve rethought, reprioritized and recommitted to a new path….involving parenthood.

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He's Just Lucky

Lost…Chapter 5 of 5

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Absolutely no video or audio recording, but pictures (without flash) were acceptable….

So that’s what I did….

The End…. (for today)

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