You Good With That?

Life Is Simple. Help Your Neighbor.
Life Is Simple. Help Your Neighbor.

Find it challenging to get motivated?

Or maybe getting motivated isn’t the challenge for you, is it the staying motivated part that challenges you?

And then there are always people who can get and stay motivated, but not for the long haul. And by the way, the long way is the shortcut.

You must be able to kick your own butt.

If you don’t have the guts, passion, determination, or any other ingredient you need, to kick your own butt, your big dreams will remain elusive.

These five daily blogs are the foundation of a community, of a movement. And as this “community” grows, we will all find creative ways to increasingly be here for each other. You good with that?

Simple Is As Simple Does

Are You Paying Attention?
Are You Paying Attention?

Simple is elusive.

Focus is elusive.

Determination is elusive.

Humility is elusive.

Unless your life purpose is clear.

Reading yesterday’s post had me question my humility.  You read it and you saw “I did”.

The thing you should understand (in case you don’t) is that there are many people who can tell you what should be done and why, but they themselves can not – not nearly to the extent they preach.

It seemed to me, there was an opportunity for a common man (perhaps a Father) to step up and try it differently.

Just Give Up, OK?

Hope Is Free
Hope Is Free

How often do you feel like giving up?  Like quitting? Like what you do doesn’t matter? That the effort is too much, the payoff too little?

Received an email today. Compelled to share it.  And it wasn’t from a blog conversation, but a LinkedIn connection.

We connected, like people do, and I sent a personal message, like I always try to do, mentioning, “I am selling hope, and it’s free.”

He sent back a reply, which was a little confusing, so I asked for clarification.  He said:

“I mean it’s about putting it out there.  My dad’s quote (and every dad’s?) – You’ll only get out of life what you put in …Keep selling hope – we all need it.”

Did you catch that?  What his Dad always told him?

“You’ll only get out of life what you put in.”