The two keys to being decently organized

Drew Dudley leadership speaker
First speaker following the opening session, from academia.


Jackie Freiberg speaker
Second speaker on Creativity (before lunch).


Happiness Advantage speaker Shawn Achor
Third speaker (after lunch), Harvard graduate and author, The Happiness Advantage.


Navy Seal Commander and speaker
Final speaker, former Navy Seal Commander overseeing Jessica Buchanan’s rescue in Somalia.


The two keys to being decently organized:

  1. Guts
  2. Determination

Two days ago had the guts to be decisive enough to spontaneous decide to go to the National Conference opening, uninvited. Had the guts to ask permission, which was quickly granted. Had the determination to see every speaker.


So that this morning from 9:15 – 10:00am, the opportunity to blow the audience’s mind isn’t just a dream.

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Completely Different?

Would this qualify as art?

Art of Disney store at Epcot
What is art?


Art has traditional meaning.

And it has untraditional meaning.

Doing what you say you’re gonna do is art.

But only if we actually do what we say we’re going to do.

And only if there’s a passion to it that can be felt by at least one person.

The artist.

And then there’s a bonus called the ripple effect.

How does being personally organized impact art?

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When Your Life Changes

Not too far past the deadline…

Junior's Famous cheesecake, Brooklyn
Junior’s Famous cheesecake, Brooklyn

Missing a bedtime blogging deadline by ten minutes… we’ll take it, right? It’s time for bed, not a huge slice of decadent, world-famous New York Brooklyn cheesecake. The message? Push yourself, make compromises, and do it in a balanced, reasonable way.

What’s balanced and reasonable? That’s for each of us to figure out for ourselves.

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How many years does it take to become believable?

Opens in two months from this photo…

Barclays Center July 2012

How many years does it take to become believable? We all want to do our best. We work hard. And wait. And wait. And wait some more…

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The great Summer of 2012

Hold on and please don’t give up

Disneyland Paris castle
still relishing the trip from two weeks ago

Feeling overwhelmed with the pressures of life comes and goes to varying degrees. What I’ve learned in 53 years is that we are never at a place where we’re done. It seems the only thing that keeps me holding on….. is my grip – the one that refuses to let go.

Life is a juggling act. The more I take on, the more I need to learn to let go of.

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