Dear Son

Flashback to incredible progress

Quiet leadership
Message above from 2016. In one month he went from being last to shaving 7 minutes off his 5k time.


Apply the same determination, creativity, focus, and fun.

Yes, training can be fun.

Think about how hard some workouts are and then smile because you lived through the pain and know a personal satisfaction that spectators will never know.

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Dear Son

Caring determination

motivational doors
Last night was full of inspiration and intentionality.


Without all the photos i took last night, it would be difficult to remember all the things that really inspired me and the others touring the facility.

Was reflecting on my first camera as a seven-year-old boy. The local gas station gave away a plastic camera (that required 35mm film) for a full-tank fillup.

Been a shutter-bug ever since.

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Jokers Are Wild

Get them to beg for mercy

Landscaping truck near Disney World
Who’s looking after your temptations to quit?


Organized to make stuff happen?

The temptation to give in to the constant pressure, and life’s unpredictability is often overwhelming.

Get used to it.

Let it piss you off.

Let it compel you to commit to slaying it.

Let your determination to succeed be enough to get your temptations to quit…to beg for mercy.

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The two keys to being decently organized

Drew Dudley leadership speaker
First speaker following the opening session, from academia.


Jackie Freiberg speaker
Second speaker on Creativity (before lunch).


Happiness Advantage speaker Shawn Achor
Third speaker (after lunch), Harvard graduate and author, The Happiness Advantage.


Navy Seal Commander and speaker
Final speaker, former Navy Seal Commander overseeing Jessica Buchanan’s rescue in Somalia.


The two keys to being decently organized:

  1. Guts
  2. Determination

Two days ago had the guts to be decisive enough to spontaneous decide to go to the National Conference opening, uninvited. Had the guts to ask permission, which was quickly granted. Had the determination to see every speaker.


So that this morning from 9:15 – 10:00am, the opportunity to blow the audience’s mind isn’t just a dream.

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Completely Different?

Would this qualify as art?

Art of Disney store at Epcot
What is art?


Art has traditional meaning.

And it has untraditional meaning.

Doing what you say you’re gonna do is art.

But only if we actually do what we say we’re going to do.

And only if there’s a passion to it that can be felt by at least one person.

The artist.

And then there’s a bonus called the ripple effect.

How does being personally organized impact art?

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