What if you only had one more Summer?

Windermere Prep swimming pool
This is more beautiful than i imagined.


Windermere Prep swimming pool
Final regular season swim meet is tomorrow and i will miss because of business travel. This is worse than i imagined.


It felt good, yet incredibly weird, to so casually tell Howard that next Summer is the last Summer i’m planning to have.

Leadership’s key attribute is the existence of a clear, concise, and compelling vision.

PS. It would be lovely to live vibrantly past 60. Not planning on it. Sure, i’m hopeful, but i refuse to let the notion of more time postpone living like i’m on borrowed time.

Every day is a gift.

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Figure it out

The website redesign will have to wait
The website redesign will have to wait


Figure it out.

Few things ring truer the closer you get to a milestone deadline.

Three days away from Thanksgiving 2013.

Figure it out.


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