The great Summer of 2012

Does the Dalai Lama use five key areas to organize his life?

work life balance
the big three...mind, body, spirit....but there are two more everyone leaves out

Does the Dalai Lama use five key areas to organize his life? You know what I’m gonna say, right?…… doesn’t matter what the Dalai Lama does. What matters is what you do.

Period. End of story. If you are not convinced you own your life, I’d get busy figuring it out. If you are convinced, I’d share what you’ve learned with others, to help them.

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Completely Different?

Get Used To It

Get Used To This?
Get Used To This?

Yesterday’s post wasn’t inferring The Dalai Lama was a jerk.

It was inferring people who have made significant changes in world history were.

Mostly, these game changers went counter-culture, making others angry, frustrated or uncomfortable.

It’s not uncommon for people to try to make you feel like a jerk, when your intent is to push boundaries. Maybe it’s fear, ignorance, resistance to change, jealousy.

People with the vision to push, are often labeled crazy, heretic, strange.

I have learned a long and hard lesson, there’s only one solution.

Get used to it.

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