David London From Ontario

Thank You CapitalOne Customer Service
Thank You CapitalOne Customer Service

This ever happen to you? You open the mail, there’s a mistake on your bill, you call customer service and expect a hassle.

Not this time. Not with CapitalOne. Not with David London from Ontario.

Over the weekend, David exceeded my expectations on all levels. It’s CapitalOne employees like David that make people loyal with the same credit card company for over a decade.

Being organized is challenging. No one is perfect. But rest assured, being very well organized to pay your bills on time has it benefits.

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Awesome Is As Awesome Does

Go Daddy web hosting and their customer service is world class. Period.

How do I know?

Have been a Go Daddy customer for two years now.  Every single time I call Go Daddy support, the experience simply blows me away.


Because they do the routine, yet important things really, really well.  And they do it with world class consistency.

It happened again last night. Thank you Jason (may or may not be real name) for taking care of my Go Daddy Web Analytics set up.  When I came home last night, it was like being a kid in a candy store.  Go Daddy ROCKS.