World IBD Day

Today is World IBD day. IBD is Inflammatory Bowel Disease. IBD is Crohns Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Every one of us is touched in some way by health issues. No one is immune. But some are more immune than others. IBD basically is the body’s immune system over-reacting.  The immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue […]

FYI Only

We all have a cause(s) we support, right? If you’ve followed any of my five blogs, you’re probably already aware that one of the five remaining big goals I have before dying is to help raise money to give to those who can find a cure for IBD, Inflammatory Bowel Disease. You also know, no matter how […]

jeff noel Burning The Candle?

jeff noel Burning The Candle? A friend recently asked, “So how has writing five daily blogs affected you. What have you given up”? I’ve given up: Watching TV Walking our Dog Yard word, particularly our perennial gardens Reading the (online) Orlando Sentinel, CNN, etc Spending time with Family Cut back on exercise (believe it or not) […]

Crohn’s Disease and Children

Our nine-year old son first developed unusual symptoms just before he turned four.  Between his 4th and 5th birthday, he had: Three colonoscopies Barium x-ray Full-Body CT Scan (45 minute x-ray) Leukemia Test Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis test Multiple other x-rays Multiple other blood tests Here’s an excerpt from an email I received yesterday as a […]