Bank on your home history

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There’s a best way to do everything. That is, until a better way comes along. Everything you do should be done the best way possible. Continuously improve. Make running an excellent life scaleable and fun. Note: Everyone is going through a hell no one knows about – never play the victim card, we are all “victims” of life.

Bank on your home history.

What got you to home vibrancy is remarkable.

Bank on it.

Ignore the critics.

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This website is about our HOME. This is the fifth of five daily, differently-themed blog posts about: (1) mind, (2) body, (3) spirit, (4) work, (5) home. To return to Mid Life Celebration, the site about MIND, click here.

Being well and remaining amazed is easiest when…

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Being well and remaining amazed is easiest when…

We are more organized than not organized.

Life in general, and writing a book in particular, is directly proportional to our systems and processes for day to day life, and the unrelenting obstacles it so freely, and non discriminatingly shares.

Excuses be banned damned.

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