Do the risky and opposite if you want to be amazing

college search process
How? It’s safe to follow the tried and true advice. Now ask yourself, “How did my college dining hall experience amaze me?”


i’m proposing High Schoolers begin their right-fit college search using “Best College Cafeterias in the Country“.

Organize your time and energy around quality of life, starting with food.

If a University can nail their dining hall experience, when so many others can’t, think of the odds of them getting many other things right also.

Here’s the thing, what happens when you share this strategy with anyone involved in the college admissions process?

Be bold.



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Would this qualify as art?

Art of Disney store at Epcot
What is art?


Art has traditional meaning.

And it has untraditional meaning.

Doing what you say you’re gonna do is art.

But only if we actually do what we say we’re going to do.

And only if there’s a passion to it that can be felt by at least one person.

The artist.

And then there’s a bonus called the ripple effect.

How does being personally organized impact art?

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