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It’s the 2nd, invisible, procrastination that’s deadly (video)


It’s the 2nd, invisible, procrastination that’s deadly (video).

If you don’t watch this, you are denying yourself a conscious clue into what causes a life-crisis.

PS. i know you probably don’t have time. That’s the point. Happy present moment. Deep breath. Good luck today.


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Mid Life Celebration

Mid Life Celebration Public Service Announcement

Almost ran right past this on a jog at Baylor University. Btw, this is true, even if you don't love God.

Mid Life Celebration’s jeff noel feels compelled to make periodic public service announcements. It’s time to remind everyone – the goal in all five blogs is to help you do three things:

  1. Think
  2. Smile
  3. Be Grateful

Nearly everything I write is focused on the first one. It is up to you to interpret the personal experiences, the questions, the metaphors, the analogies. It’s up to you. Period.

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Are You?

Hell Yeah It’s Overwhelming To Think About The Change Required

Know what this really comes down to? It comes down to our defining moment of truth.

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Are You?

That Was Pretty Sobering Wasn’t It?

Boomers, will we accept the challenge to finish stronger in life's 2nd half?

There was no malicious intent yesterday. Just an honest look at our Baby Boomer lives. Why would anyone want to listen to us? Look at us, we’re a mess. It’s our own fault. We own it. Now, what are we gonna do about it?

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I Am

Here’s What I’m Trying To Do

photo courtesy of Cheryl Noel

Here’s a real life, in real time example of what yesterday’s post tried to illuminate. (I can’t make this stuff up) Helping our son with homework last night, he was asked to find out why the Earth rotates around the sun.

I read his completed work and asked if he copied it or wrote it himself. He copied it. Then I asked him if he could explain it. He couldn’t. Then I asked if he could re-write it in his own words. He struggled big time on re-researching. In the end, he agreed that the push to try harder not only allowed him use his own words, but to also understand them as well.

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