Perfectly, at home, crazy

Cheryl submitted a request for Granite. Number 2,023 on request list. There are 12 rooms and a 70-night season. We will not get in.

Perfectly, at home, crazy.

When you are free to taste crazy at home, there is no turning back.

How crazy is that?

Pretty crazy.

Perfectly crazy.

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Thriving on doing things that might fail

The walk to the gym yesterday morning facilitated writing yesterday’s five posts. (CSN, can you text when you get here. Thanks.)

Thriving on doing things that might fail.

That’s another way of saying that i thrive on doing things others think are wrong or better left to be done the traditional way.

Saying it won’t work is like pouring gasoline on my fire.

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It’s lonely, and, a huge responsibility

Walt Disney World sunset


(photo: Last night on the way home, at the red light by the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress.)

Being organized and focused and disciplined.

Being creative, hopeful, driven.

Being fearless, with some practical constraints, from representing one of the world’s most admirable companies.

These are characteristics of people who are labeled crazy, weird, misfits, outcasts.

Being compelled to ask questions everyone should have ready answers too, but when asked, leaders become quiet, embarrassed, and even quietly angry.

Yeah, it’s lonely.

And a huge responsibility.

Question – is it worth it?

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He’s good like that

Lift bucket in store parking lot


(photo: He sees things in fives… five is the magic number for balance and wellness)

Thank God he decided to do the most ridiculous thing with writing.

He decided not only to write every single day, but to write five differently-themed blogs. Everyday.

No, seriously.

Five blogs a day.

Stupid idea.


No one does that.

Everyone thought it was ridiculous.

Now, 66 months, and well over 10k published blog posts later…

Decent odds they think he’s out of his mind again.

Yet he prays for the Herd anyway.

How can he not?

Every day.

All day.

He’s good like that.


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Good Saturday morning, April 26th, from Disneyland in California

Disneyland Resort wifi
Notice the time of day in the upper right corner?


Notice the time in the upper right corner?

Seems early, yet it’s actually 6:03am at Walt Disney World (home).

Many say it’s crazy to stay on the home turf time zone when traveling.


Probably because that’s the Herd’s prevailing wisdom.

Walt Disney also faced prevailing business wisdom, yet he broke all the rules anyway.

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