i am committed to taking the high road

American Bald Eagle near Walt Disney World
In yesterday’s email, i shared that i am committed to taking the high road.


Fifty days into the 100-day self-imposed writer’s bootcamp that began on April Fools’s Day 2009, i went to the pair of three-ringed binders in my closet for inspiration.

Inside each binder contains six months (at one page per day, 183 pages each) of wisdom i collected between my high school years (1974-1977), college years (1977-1983) and my earlier years at Disney World (1984-1999).

The original book idea was to publish one of those “page-a-day” motivational wisdom books as a legacy to my children.

On May 20, 2009, i found a photocopied item in one of the binders that seemed appropriate, so i typed it into WordPress and posted it. By the way, the photocopy was old and inaccurate, attributing the item to anonymous. There was no cut and paste from a website and there was no checking for authenticity on Google. i was new to the Internet and the Internet was like the wild west – most companies in 2009 did not have a social media policy for their employees.


Because the newly-found ease and unprecedented proliferation of social sharing – of anything and everything – combined for a perfect storm of ambiguity.

Meanwhile, that 100-day challenge, which i did not expect to successfully complete (because of previously failed attempts to write consistently) turned into something i could have never dreamt up.

It continued on the 101st day and hasn’t stopped. Not even for a single day.

That was nearly eight years ago and over 2,700 blog posts at Mid Life Celebration. When you add the other four daily blogs i write, i have over 12,000 posts on the Internet.

One post out of 2,700 (or 12,000+) does not make for a premeditated effort to infringe on anything.




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