Nationally ranked versus small time

WPS boys JV basketball
The Junior Varsity team was down by five points with less than a minute to go. They came from behind for the win.


Senior night began with the Junior Varsity game. The visiting team is from Gainesville, which is hours away. And even though it was Senior night, we were unable to fill the small school’s bleachers.

It was fun to become friends with the father of an opposing team’s player. The Rock is a (top 100) nationally ranked team. They were amazing.




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I’m Sorry

Yeah, Go Daddy!
Yeah, Go Daddy!

To all the people that are finally starting to chatter about social media in the workplace, I’m sorry for being so far ahead of you.

And then there are the ones who make me look like an amateur. I tip my hat to you.

Either way, there’s always a group that wins and a group that looses, and of course a group that’s clueless there was a competition.

Mid Life Celebration

Adam Lambert American Idol

Good Wednesday morning.  After last night’s competition, I believe Adam Lambert will be the next American Idol.

Kris Allen came out exceptionally well in the first round.  Hence my post last night.

Many, myself included,  have thought all along that Adam Lambert would be crowned the next American Idol.

Rather than roll over and accept defeat, Kris Allen performed his best song of the entire season, if you ask me.

However, Adam’s consistency throughout the entire competition has been remarkable. 

Kris Allen’s growth, and confidence, has been equally remarkable – which is why he was on the show last night.

Good day everyone and drum roll please………..