Does becoming famous make life easier?

Disney Leadership Keynote Speaker jeff noel
Disney University hallway, 2014.


Without a compelling goal, how can we be decently organized?

Goofy hanging from the ceiling happened because of decent organization.

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Make It Simple

3 C’s To Promoting Yourself

How Does 1 Yellow Flower Stand Out?
How Does 1 Yellow Dandelion Stand Out?

3 C’s I heard on Blog Talk Radio recently, hosted by Liz Lynch, and featuring Wendy Kurtz‘s Marketing and Public Relations message tips.

Here are the 3 C’s and the first things that came to mind.

  1. Concise: The Blog Whisperer
  2. Clear: Whispering to the world
  3. Compelling: Live, before you die

Want to get someone’s attention?

……w  h  i  s  p  e  r

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