Building a Disney company

Disney speaker jeff noel's home office
Disney home office. The paperwork of life gets done here.
Baltimore hotel room view
The college campus is 200 meters away on the other side of the parking garage.
Baltimore winter sunrise
Nice way to start today.

It’s a cold (26) Baltimore morning on the hotel’s 10th floor. The sunrise view is beautiful from our large window.

One of the amazing benefits of being over-focused has been on the intentionality behind me designing a business model that allows working from anywhere to be as easy as working from home.

You can observe a lot by watching.

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i am committed to taking the high road

American Bald Eagle near Walt Disney World
In yesterday’s email, i shared that i am committed to taking the high road.


Fifty days into the 100-day self-imposed writer’s bootcamp that began on April Fools’s Day 2009, i went to the pair of three-ringed binders in my closet for inspiration.

Inside each binder contains six months (at one page per day, 183 pages each) of wisdom i collected between my high school years (1974-1977), college years (1977-1983) and my earlier years at Disney World (1984-1999).

The original book idea was to publish one of those “page-a-day” motivational wisdom books as a legacy to my children.

On May 20, 2009, i found a photocopied item in one of the binders that seemed appropriate, so i typed it into WordPress and posted it. By the way, the photocopy was old and inaccurate, attributing the item to anonymous. There was no cut and paste from a website and there was no checking for authenticity on Google. i was new to the Internet and the Internet was like the wild west – most companies in 2009 did not have a social media policy for their employees.


Because the newly-found ease and unprecedented proliferation of social sharing – of anything and everything – combined for a perfect storm of ambiguity.

Meanwhile, that 100-day challenge, which i did not expect to successfully complete (because of previously failed attempts to write consistently) turned into something i could have never dreamt up.

It continued on the 101st day and hasn’t stopped. Not even for a single day.

That was nearly eight years ago and over 2,700 blog posts at Mid Life Celebration. When you add the other four daily blogs i write, i have over 12,000 posts on the Internet.

One post out of 2,700 (or 12,000+) does not make for a premeditated effort to infringe on anything.




This website is about our home health. To leave this site to read today’s post on my mental attitude website, click here.