Simple Is As Simple Does

Simple is elusive. Focus is elusive. Determination is elusive. Humility is elusive. Unless your life purpose is clear. Reading yesterday’s post had me question my humility.  You read it and you saw “I did”. The thing you should understand (in case you don’t) is that there are many people who can tell you what should […]

jeff noel Google Front Page

jeff noel @ Top Of Google Search.  Well, yesterday anyway.  Who knows what today will bring.  Usually, jeff is in Google’s top four on Google’s front page. Not bad for someone doing this as recently as I have.  What’s the secret? Making common sense, common practice.   You’ll hear this over and over again. […]

My Friend Said This

“To know is to do.  To know and not do, is to not yet know”. —  jeff’s friend Said another way:  “Common sense needs to be common practice”. – jeff noel Otherwise, it’s like we don’t even know what common sense is. Yes, this is painful to admit.  Yes, it’s not easy to apply common […]