Book publishing

The most expensive thing is now free

ATT ad offering iPhone 4s for free
Only three years ago this was the most expensive phone in the world


The rapid pace of positive change has our attention spans reeling.

Lack of focus and discipline is the leading cause of imbalance.

We know this.

But do we attack it?


Distractions are the enemy.

We know this too.

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Day To Day

Dollars, cents, and common sense

Wallet on table
Dollars, cents, and common sense.


It’s really challenging to keep up with everything.

And that’s the main reason we should strive to do it.

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Carving Out A Life

Work on this all day. Everyday.

Canadian freeway in winter
Life is a highway, much of it spent in the fast lane.


Note to self: Never get bored with the basics. Stay organized. Keep it simple. Work on this all day. Everyday.

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Are You?

Every great CEO knows this

Apple Store Genius Bar sign
Doesn’t take a genius to comprehend the power of common sense


Being inspired is an inside job.

Every great CEO knows this.

Our home’s organization impacts everything else in our life.

Removing ‘skeletons in our closet‘ is the path to peace and contentment.

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Mid Life Celebration

Are our pleasures and our business the same thing?

To find a way to get us to think so differently about common sense that we’ll feel like our life moving forward will never again be the same.

Interesting business proposition.

Then’s there’s a simple blogging proposition: To help others think, smile, and feel grateful.

Tomorrow, what common sense tells us about this.

(and this post is an example of what the blogging experts tell us to avoid)

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