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Lethbridge Bridge
Canada’s Largest bridge (any type) and the largest of it’s type in the world.


Geese in V formation
Geese still have some work to do on creating more equal sides


Lethbridge Bridge
Upper left, we combine Geese and bridge


Yes, fully aware the Mid Life Celebration’s five daily posts have been drifting to longer posts, but still below typical blogger average length… but still too long.

Today has been a day to organize thought, and writing, back to short and pithy.

Awareness. Commitment. Change.

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Blog Stuff

Today’s Mid Life Celebration posts brought to you live from this poolside

Disney's Port Orleans' Riverside Resort Alligator Bayou pool
Disney’s Port Orleans’ Riverside Resort Alligator Bayou pool


Today’s Mid Life Celebration posts brought to you live from this poolside.

It’s so weird to be staying at Disney World, knowing our home is a stone’s throw away.

We lived just about as far away from Disney World (and still being in America), in Pullman, Washington when we decided to make Disney World our dream home location.

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When Your Life Changes

Not too far past the deadline…

Junior's Famous cheesecake, Brooklyn
Junior’s Famous cheesecake, Brooklyn

Missing a bedtime blogging deadline by ten minutes… we’ll take it, right? It’s time for bed, not a huge slice of decadent, world-famous New York Brooklyn cheesecake. The message? Push yourself, make compromises, and do it in a balanced, reasonable way.

What’s balanced and reasonable? That’s for each of us to figure out for ourselves.

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