Baby it’s cold outside

frost on florida window
Yikes. Photo: midway from bedroom to office, looking East.


pool temperature app
Yesterday’s 1030am reality says swim season is over.



Baby it’s cold outside.

Be thankful you’re at Walt Disney World.

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Got Tree?

Yes, got tree!  And a fire in the fireplace.

Yesterday.  It was cold (65 degrees).  This is cold for Central Floridians. Seriously.  And yes, Central Floridians realize that this fact is fairly obnoxious to those of you living in colder regions.

By the way, most Floridians originally are from somewhere cold.

So we know what cold really is, but we now like the way it rolls off our tongue, “Oh, it was cold yesterday.  It only got up to 65 degrees!  I had to put on socks and a jacket.”

Stay warm, and make your Monday great.  It’s up to you.  Always has been.  Always will be.  Carpe diem!

How Cold Is It?

Freezing Cold
Freezing Cold says the current Anchorage, Alaska temp is  (4AM) 19 degrees, but the official “feels like” temp is 12 degrees.

Hope your day is full of warmth, no matter the outside temperature.  Carpe diem.