Being disorganized aids the dream-killer codependency

Disney Keynote Speaker
As a teacher, especially a Disney teacher, i see and over-focus on things others under-focus on or ignore.


You know what is crazy?

How much people settle when they refuse to follow their passion.

It’s an insidious and pervasive habit around the world.


We are desensitized to the far-too-low limits we’ve placed on ourselves.

And we are desensitized to our abandoned dreams and hopes.

Live like you mean it. Life is not a dress rehearsal.


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Accepting ‘I don’t know’ for a lifetime is a form of codependency, no?

Thanksgiving Dinner table all set
Accepting ‘I don’t know’ for a lifetime is a form of codependency, no?


Three reasons why it’s time to figure it out:

1. What we see as weakness in another has actually been handed down to us from our parents (or guardians).

2. Not paying attention to our health manifests itself in different but similar ways – putting off a health habit for so long it backfires.

3. Not pushing back is part of being codependent.

We People are way more capable than we give them credit for.

Being organized enough so we can make regular exercise activity a part of our life is the responsibility of only one person.

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