I Used My Church And The Chain Of Excellence As A Benchmark

  I used my Church and the legendary chain of excellence as a benchmark for creating my personal priorities, in a dramatic effort to become a great parent. I call these five priorities “Life’s Big Choices“. Common sense Insight: Some truths only become self-evident when you try to live without them. Next Blog

Bothered Not Bored

The other night I told our son, “I’m bothered, but not bored.” I’m bothered by the work load I put on myself.  Career, home, church, gym, home, family, retirement. I’m not bored by any of it though. Why? Because I love it.  None of it feels like work.  So, being bored is the last thing […]

Rules For Being Human

I’ve had this article for ten years, given by a friend. The author is unknown. Here it is in it’s entirety: The question remains, despite all the work and inquiry of the researchers discussed in this column and countless others: How can we build committed, competent people and workforces? I received the following as a […]