How to help your child, high school, and you stay connected

  How to help your child, high school, and you stay connected. Assumption: Your High School child(ren) receive daily email from school and other sources. Email will eventually become obsolete in it’s current form, but until then, maximize your child’s effective and efficient use of this mainstream communication tool. Set up structure and process, like […]

Gabe Adams Inspirational

This is one of those times when a jeff noel blog post could work in any of the five themed blogs – Mind, Body, Spirit, Money or HQ. Well, here it is at HQ (headquarters), because it represents what I’m trying to convince myself of everyday. “Slow down, do your best and Joyfully serve others […]

Childhood Diseases Stink

Childhood diseases stick.  Adult diseases stink.  And there are so many of both. What is a caring person to do?  We all know, “You can’t do it all”. So perhaps the best approach is simply to become an advocate and supporter of the disease that hits closest to home. Last night my son (9) and […]

jeff noel now on Facebook

jeff noel is now on Facebook. Like yesterday’s post about joining Twitter a few days ago, last night I joined Facebook. So? Exactly. It means nothing to some and to others, it means I’m embracing the future. The future isn’t going to wait because we aren’t ready. It’s coming at us like a freight train. […]