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How to help your child, high school, and you stay connected

insightful time quote
Time: teach yourself how to master it and then teach your child(ren) or nieces or nephews.


How to help your child, high school, and you stay connected.

Assumption: Your High School child(ren) receive daily email from school and other sources.

Email will eventually become obsolete in it’s current form, but until then, maximize your child’s effective and efficient use of this mainstream communication tool.

Set up structure and process, like any world-class business does, to deliver great results without taxing time, resources, and energy.

We review our 11th-grader’s emails before dinner and use four categories to help us manage school-life’s buckets:

  1. Progress reports from teachers and staff emails
  2. Calendar and event scheduling emails
  3. Emails requiring a decision
  4. Emails that inform, inspire, and educate

We started with this and know it may change and or morph.

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Uncommon Sense

Like it was when we were a child

Apple Watch box being opened at Epcot
Opened the Apple Watch yesterday at Spaceship Earth. Used car key as a cutter.


As soon as failure and risk-taking become an adult habit once again (like it was as a child), we are good to go (again).

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End Of The First Year

Gabe Adams Inspirational


This is one of those times when a jeff noel blog post could work in any of the five themed blogs – Mind, Body, Spirit, Money or HQ.

Well, here it is at HQ (headquarters), because it represents what I’m trying to convince myself of everyday.

“Slow down, do your best and Joyfully serve others with Faith, Hope and Love.”

Please forgive me for what I’m about to say, “If you don’t have five minutes to watch this, you are an idiot .

Click here , if you’re not an idiot too busy and you have the guts to do something great.

October 2009

Childhood Diseases Stink

Childhood diseases stick.  Adult diseases stink.  And there are so many of both.

What is a caring person to do?  We all know, “You can’t do it all”. So perhaps the best approach is simply to become an advocate and supporter of the disease that hits closest to home.

Last night my son (9) and I had dinner at Epcot, at The Walt Disney World Resort.  We were celebrating “Wednesday”.  Since our Catechism class was cancelled, it was a free night, and we spontaneously chose Epcot.  We live very close by.

During the long walk to our car and then on the short drive home, my son couldn’t hold his need to go to the bathroom. He begged me to pull over even though we were four minutes from home. So I did.

There’s really no way to adequately describe what happened.

And last night, after finally arriving home, a faithful follower of these blogs wrote a note that couldn’t have been more timely.  While I usually keep my spiritual side reserved for, I’d just like to say thank you for your prayers.

All of us have some sort of Hell we are going through.  These jeff noel blogs (5 total)  are the seeds of “therapy” for us to learn to help each other – more often.

Turning 50

jeff noel now on Facebook

jeff noel is now on Facebook.

Like yesterday’s post about joining Twitter a few days ago, last night I joined Facebook.



It means nothing to some and to others, it means I’m embracing the future.

The future isn’t going to wait because we aren’t ready.

It’s coming at us like a freight train.

Whether we seize the day or not, the day still comes and goes.

Before we know it, we could be on our death bed.  Seriously.

I don’t live with the fear of dying.

I live with the fear of not fully living.

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂

PS.  It’s not even 7:00AM yet, and this is my 5th blog post this morning.  I’m not bragging, nor am I making any excuses, about what I do.  I just do it and if you want to criticise me or cheer for me, the choice is yours

The choice is always ours, isn’t it.  Particularly when it comes to our attitude.

Carpe diem,  jeff noel 🙂