This time i really mean it!

Lake rainbow
Watch rainbows long enough to see the encore performance.

This time i really mean it!

Knowing this to be true…

Get R done.

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No times four

Disney speakers
The real adventure is creating organizational vibrancy. Photo: Car parked next to ours at the grocery store.


No spark, no fire.

No fire, no hope.

No hope, no plan.

No plan, no transformation.


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Big, epic failures are great catalysts

YuGiOh Tournament
Last weekend at YuGiOh Tournament. He inspired, and inspires, the prolific writing.


So yeah, it’s pretty insane.

And to be clear from a business perspective, this blog is unrelated to my speaking mission.

But seriously then, why blog so prolifically?

Well, i began blogging on April Fools Day 2009 as a 100-day self-imposed writer’s boot camp.

Driven by the realization that a book i had promised to write 30 years prior hadn’t had it’s first sentence written yet.


Big time.

Epic ouch.

The catalyst was driven by a fatherly desire to leave a trail for our son (then 8) in case something bad ever happened to me.

Shhh, here’s an epic secret. Prolific writing makes me a significantly different (and better, imho) speaker.

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Will we be patient and organized long enough to bear fruit?

Orlando Based Motivational Speakers
using all lower case letters is not common. it’s even frowned upon. perfect, eh?


Being organized as a busy working person means finding ways to be effective, hassle-free, and compelling when interfacing with potential clients.

From Lee Cockerell’s speaking endorsement and referral two days ago, Mid Life Celebration is on the verge of signing the first contract, at full price, $16k.

From nothing to something in three days. The gig is exactly a week from today at Orlando’s Marriott World Center.

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Note: Recently raised keynote speaking fee to $21k. Reasons. Compelling ones.

Be the spark

Here lies a vastly under rated message from Seth Godin
Here lies a vastly under rated message from Seth Godin


Our job, really, is do our job really well.

As a professional speaker, you want to organize yourself, the logistics, the speech, the timing, activities, and so on in such a way that the content becomes a spark for the audience.

To light a fire for transformation.

I suppose it is similar no matter what job people do.

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