Homemade bank

Homemade bank.

We’ve never owned an ATM card.


We (meaning mostly me) don’t carry cash.

We might keep $20-50 in a drawer for cash tips for whatever.

This is a challenge because sometimes it’s nice to have a little cash for whatever.

Created a small “home bank”.

Now, when i go to Kuwait, i can grab a fifty and stuff it in the wallet “just in case”.

Yes, i traveled to Kuwait recently with zero cash.

If we want to give, as a thank you gesture, a three-person landscape crew $20 each for lunch or dinner, there’s no longer the need to borrow $60 from our Son.

He also doesn’t use cash, but generally has a couple twenties.

Son, you know i’m doing this for mom and that’s the insight…be willing to create a process that doesn’t benefit you but it’s a process you own and manage.

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