Frank, please keep the Magic in your heart the way Scott wants you to

Flowers at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa
Scott’s flowers visited Disney’s Grand Floridian to help seal the bond


The purpose of this post is to help those needing healing, to heal just a little more. It doesn’t start out sounding like that though.

Dear Son, you have an interesting set of parents, both employed for the past 29 years at Walt Disney World. You live with the nightly option to look out any of our back windows, or simply sit at the dinner table, and watch Disney’s Magic Kingdom fireworks.

And wether we watch or not, hearing the booms is never an option, it comes inside our home even with the windows shut.

And during the day, the Walt Disney World Railroad steam train’s whistle, and the ferry boat’s horns.

Coming home last night from Scott’s “Celebration of Life” service, driving through “town” (WDW), God put His gentle hand on my soul and said, “Remember the words Frank spoke in his speech, and how he was afraid he couldn’t ever bear to go back to Disney, unless he went right away, and how Disney’s Grand Floridian visit was the best thing he could have done to keep his Brother’s memory alive?”

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Got resolve?

Yesterday’s post spoke of being old and being brand new. Huh?  Here’s what I meant.

After five decades, the revelation that in the big picture, what other humans think of me is really inconsequential. It’s probably the same for you too.  And if it’s not, what if it was? Seriously.

We’re all going to be dead in 100 years and no one will remember any of us. So why worry about it?  Just live a good and decent life and work hard to do the right thing – primarily, try to serve others more than yourself.

It’s probably obnoxious to some people that I write five blogs every single day.  Who gives a fu flip?

Are you poised  to transform yourself before you die?  While it doesn’t matter what others think, it certainly matters what you think.  Got resolve?