Do you still send Christmas cards?

Three different messages in each pack, allowing for some audience personalization without having to buy multiple boxes.

Do you still send Christmas cards?

Do you send them digitally or do you still send old fashioned paper cards using snail-mail?

Wait, it gets more interesting.

Do you secretly believe that the size of a Christmas gift price tag reflects how much you love someone?

Yes. Totally believe this. Christmas is that one time – even bigger than a birthday – when if ever there was a time to be extravagant, it’s Christmas.


Come on people.

You can’t be serious.

What about…

We’ve heard this story since we were kids, “shall i play for you pah-rump-pah-pah-bum.“

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When people hate you, you are making progress

jeff noel disney consulting
First draft

jeff noel disney consulting
Second/final draft

MOO business card order
Ordered last night. The backs of the cards feature gapingvoid cartoons.


Is it Friday already? Yes.

Seriously, it snuck up on me.

Being decently organized is tougher when your wife is out of town for ten days.

It’s also tougher when you quit retire leave your dream job to become an entrepreneur who thinks he can change the world.

Staying up late and getting up early comes with the territory. Being decently organized has many purposes. One of which is to minimize late nights.

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Which is more important, creativity or innovation?

Apple Keynote help table of contents


Which is more important, creativity or innovation? Can’t have innovation without creativity, but you can have creativity without innovation.

Innovation is being able to implement a creative idea. Without implementation, you’ve got nothing, no matter how creative you are.

Received the first mockups (3) of Mid Life Celebration business cards. Branding it as jeff noel versus Mid Life Celebration but obviously it’s still MLC, even if it’s not mentioned on the card.

Same amazing graphic designer that created the first Keynote Speech presentation is working her Magic here as well.

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