Fear and cancer have the same insidious, debilitating effect

  Fear is like cancer. It can kill you, metaphorically. You can eradicate fear, like some cancers, in your life with herculean efforts. And there’s always the reality that cancer (fear) can return. What then? You begin the eradication process again.   •  •  •  •  • This website is about our home health. To leave this site […]

Biggest Human Fear Is…

The world’s biggest fear is…… drum roll please……….. Wait.   Before we reveal it, you all know the fear of death is number two, right? And you know I’ve been a Professional Speaker for ten years, right? Well, here’s a surprise.   All studies say Public Speaking is our biggest fear. I completely disagree with […]

jeff noel now on Facebook

jeff noel is now on Facebook. Like yesterday’s post about joining Twitter a few days ago, last night I joined Facebook. So? Exactly. It means nothing to some and to others, it means I’m embracing the future. The future isn’t going to wait because we aren’t ready. It’s coming at us like a freight train. […]