Mid Life Celebration

Thank you for the gift

Changing what you see changes what you see.

Thank you for the gift.

In powerful ways, yesterday’s gift resembles a midlife celebration.

In a busy, normal world, yesterday’s gift may not have appeared.

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He's Just Lucky

And about as exciting as planning that solo cross country bicycle trip

iPhone 6 box


(photo: The most sophisticated pocket computer ever created also doubles as a phone – the future is here?)

One hundred days ago the call was initiated to talk about the future. It was made from the older, less sophisticated iPhone 5s. But only 100 days ago the iPhone 5s was the most sophisticated pocket computer known to humans.

And as the future approaches one day at a time, we barely notice.

Yet the future is a once-in-a-life-time milestone.

Scary for sure. Exciting for sure.

Personally, it’s about as exciting as planning that solo cross country bicycle trip back in ’82.

The notion of riding (solo) a bicycle from Pennsylvania to Washington State with only $75 in your pocket.

Impossible is nothing.

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