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i was wrong

i was wrong.

There are four more posts to write.

Thought this was the final post.

December 2010 had 30 posts, but several days had two posts.

Rather than try to decipher why, i’m just gonna move forward and get it done.

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Keep moving forward

Keep moving forward.  -Walt Disney

Ps. How’s this post for short and pithy.

The Walt Disney quote doesn’t say:

Keep moving forward and when the going gets tough (and it will), it’s ok to change your mind and go back to doing your day job.

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You’re almost done

You’re almost done.

Jimmy Page, lead guitarist for Led Zeppelin, is playing his heart out on Led Zeppelin 1.

When they recorded Led Zeppelin 1, no one knew they’d launch a massive following and write and record one of humanity’s favorite songs of all time – Stairway to Heaven.

The great guitarists of the world make it so easy.

That’s the part behind the scenes no one sees.

It’s the part every aspiring entrepreneur has to face.

And the part most retreat from.


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This one plus one more

This one plus one more.

Two more posts to conclude adding 200 posts to the “bank” of content.

Looking back, deleting (and not saving) those 200+- posts from 2009 and 2010 was super smart at the time.

It gave me the peace of mind to keep writing without any fear whatsoever.

There were (and still are) some cultural issues at Disney Institute.

And that’s the beauty of what i do as a self-employed business advisor.

All the issues that every organization faces, particularly the unpleasant ones, well, i know a thing or two from first hand experience.


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Just three more steps to the finish line

Just three more steps to the finish line.

This post.

Then one more post here to finish November.

And a final post for December (31).