Make It, Master It, Matter

This American icon faced bankruptcy twice in his early years. (circa 1917)

Watched Shark Tank last night. A shark gave this advice to the pitchman, because the pitchman wasn’t willing to off-shore his business plan. From personal experience, the shark said he had to make it, master it, then he could matter.

The pitchman wanted to create jobs in America and sell to Americans. In essence, to matter. Hmmm, backwards. Never thought a business education could be conducted from a TV show.

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Uncommon Sense

Business Excellence

People are always so astonished to discover the secret recipe for business excellence.

Every long-term successful business has five key ingredients that work together to create competitive sustainability: leaders, employees, customers, financials and creativity. Disney has taught me to try to imagine a successful business model that neglects one or more of these five. I can’t.

Insight: Good is the enemy of excellence.

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Mid Life Celebration

A Casual Walk Across Utah’s Dixie State College Campus Revealed Many Hidden Gems

A casual walk across Dixie State College's campus revealed many hidden gems.
Looking closely, the book's title is: Getting To Know The Real You
Upper left; "Today Is The Greatest Day Of My Life"
Warrior or winner, the ethos is identical.
Only pessimists say attitude is over rated.
Interesting, but not sure I buy it.
Just a little lower...
Got it!

Got it? Go!

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Carving Out A Life

Quietly, Patiently In The Background, jeff noel Is Working Hard To Bring You More Good Things

Acadia University, Nova Scotia 2011

Since 2009, jeff noel’s best work has been given away for free, while jeff works quietly, patiently and carefully to bring you more good things.

The value proposition is to give so much away for free that when the season comes, the business would be just that, a business. With more than just expenses. Something called income.

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One Summer Month

Shhhh, it’s a surprise

My wife and I decided this year to do something a bit different from our usual tradition.

Each year our son’s birthday is a pretty big production.  Cheryl is amazingly gifted as a planner, organizer, and she absolutely delivers the goods.

Don’t know how she does it.  Seriously. She works harder at her job than just about anyone at Disney.  Biased?  Of course.  But you know me by now, I calls ’em likes I sees ’em.

Anyway, there isn’t going to be a big par-tay this year.  Chapin is cool with that.

But there will be a big gift.

We got it today.

At the Apple Store.

I planted a seed with him today, “I’d like you to think about ways you can make money.  I’d like you to think about ways you can help me with my retirement business.  If you do, I can pay you”.

His eyes lit up.

The world is changing.  No secret there.  What I will not wait for, is to find out how it’s going to change.

Instead, I’m determined to write my own ticket, so to speak.

“If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough”. — jeff noel

That’s right, many people think a young child can not help an adult build a business.

People say a lot of things can’t be done, mostly because of doubt, fear, jealousy, guilt, etc.  I get that.  Been there myself.

But not any more.  Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂