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A World Wide Symbol Of Creative Excellence

Reputation is the first thing people think of when they hear your name or see you. Fellow Boomers, we have the choice to proactively manage a large percentage of these thoughts. How? With our actions. In what we do and what we don’t do. Common sense.

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Gold Medal Organized?

And Use Story Boarding For Your Best Selling Books
And Use Story Boards For Writing Your Best-Selling Books

If you want to start and sustain an entrepreneurial, Internet-based business, you have to do several things, or fail:

  1. Have a clear, concise & compelling vision
  2. Be creatively organized, with limited budget
  3. Do it differently or better than anyone else
  4. Keep moving (patiently) forward
  5. Do not accept failure as an option
  6. Build relationships

The list is longer, of course, but these are top-of-mind.

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Do You Know Why?

Jack Is Part Of The Story...
Jack Is Part Of The Story...

Things happen that can’t be explained. Happens all the time, doesn’t it? And things happen that can be explained. We often shudder at the revelation of the truth.

And there are things that are both.

I can explain why I’m slowing down and not posting on the weekends. In fact, I already have. But do you really know why?

Telling stories and connecting emotionally are two of the most fundamental, and overlooked, keys to successful branding. If you’re struggling with your brand, it may be that you haven’t put enough thought into it.

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It’s All You

I Only Use My Own Blog Photos
I Only Use My Own Blog Photos

What is your personal brand? Do you even think about your personal brand?

Does it turn you off just reading this, because you know you should be thinking about it but your current education and experience level allow you to feel inferior?

Please don’t let it. I’m almost begging you to try harder and not give up. Branding yourself takes creativity, but it doesn’t need to be complicated.

Guess who’s the guy people are starting to know as “The Internet’s only Five-A-Day Blogger”.

And, the guy who always has a camera in his pocket?