Mid Life Celebration

Mid Life Celebration is when You Find Yourself…

Mid Life Celebration is when You Find Yourself…

Being selfish is mostly a rite of passage. Changing isn’t.

You have to decide that for yourself. And even more important than deciding to change is actually sticking it out until it’s done.

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Thanksgiving 2009

Ready Set Go

Biggest “party day” of the year is when?

New Year’s Eve.

It transcends race, religion, gender, all of it. A world-wide celebration.

It’s also the biggest “drinking day” of the year. People who don’t drink, drink.

And people who do drink, really drink.  Ya with me?

I remember December 31, 2001 like it was yesterday.

Peak Hurricane Month

Easy Money? Ridiculous!

It is ridiculous.  To think that a bunch of guys with ordinary lives, doing ordinary jobs, would someday be riding around in a big tour bus, makin’ that easy money:

After 9/11, it was time for this.