Over And Over And Over And…

Does Common Sense Have a Glass Ceiling?
Does Common Sense Have a Glass Ceiling?

Never get bored with the basics.

Common sense is the secret.

The reason people don’t embrace common sense, and don’t practice common sense is simple.

If it’s too simple, it can’t work.

This is why you hear me say the same thing on these five blogs.

Over and over and over and…..

Bothered Not Bored

The other night I told our son, “I’m bothered, but not bored.”

I’m bothered by the work load I put on myself.  Career, home, church, gym, home, family, retirement.

I’m not bored by any of it though.


Because I love it.  None of it feels like work.  So, being bored is the last thing on my mind.

Except for one small detail, and I must confess, “I’m bored with being bothered!”