No one better in the business advising marketplace

OS X El Capitan update
Love the juxtaposition of one MacBook reflected in another MacBook.


Apple OS X El Capitan
Came home to this…almost complete.


Magic Kingdom before opening
Yesterday’s run (at 7:10am, above) half-way point. A dozen Guests and one sweaty runner.


Organized enough to do all the things on the morning agenda, plus take an unscheduled client call with a wonderful CEO.

He was finally ready to hear the total cost to get started. It was a moment for me.

I’m not delusional, i’m an entrepreneur, and for anyone seeking a Disney cultural business expert, there is no one in the marketplace better than someone with the resume he has.

So yeah, that was awkward. So was sharing my price with the CEO.

No guts, not glory.

Putting a dent in the universe is a bold (arrogant?) endeavor.

If you don’t think you can, you are right.




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Bring It On

Today.  This morning.  Right now.  Bring it on.

What does that mean? Who am I talking to?

First and foremost, I’m talking to myself.  Journaling is a world-class way to self-awareness.

Self-awareness is the most important step towards self-improvement.

My (life) pace does not lend itself to either.

Which is why I write five blogs every day.

What was once impossible, is now business as usual.