WordPress WordCamp Notes Dec

Please disregard today’s post if you have no interest in learning how to blog or how to be a better blogger using WordPress. For about $10 per year you can own a GoDaddy domain name and add a free WordPress blog. Some notes from a December 2009 WordPress Wordcamp streaming video feed. Don’t use pronouns […]

Internet Turns 40

Internet Turns  40. Click here if you want to read today’s Associated Press article. This is today’s second post, so scroll down if you’d like to see this morning’s post about Pro Blogging. Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂

Copy Blogger Blog Tips

Blogs are changing the world.  Changing the way we do business.  Allowing anyone to have a voice, for $10 per year. Here are some Copy Blogger Blog Tips. Once again, Twitter has led me to a great blogging tips article from Copyblogger. Click here to read Brian Clark’s blogging insights – this one written by […]