Day To Day Administration

Mind, Body, Spirit, Money, HQ
Mind, Body, Spirit, Money, HQ

Happy Thursday, the second day of Fall. Traffic at my blogs spiked 25% in the past few days. Thanks to hard work, Twitter, LinkedIn, Go Daddy, WordPress, and YOU!  🙂

These are social media names that are part of any avid blogger’s vocabulary, and an essential part of a blogger’s day to day administration.

Life is amazing. We get out of it (day to day) what we put into it. Claiming personal responsibility for your mental, physical, spiritual and financial well being  is what will make or break you.

It’s overwhelming. And hard. And easy to give up.

When people who are important in your life remember you after you’re gone, will they hold you up as an example or as a warning?

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Thank You Readers & Followers

Dream Big. Get Started. Never Stop.
Dream Big. Get Started. Never Stop.

Thank you! Very simply, I’m deeply humbled by your visits.


Not sure exactly. Wasn’t prepared for the 50% website traffic increase in the past three weeks.

When a business is achieving double-digit growth, especially in a highly competitive market, and in today’s brutal economy, to spike like this in such a short period feels surreal.