Sometimes, We Don’t Have Emergencies, We Simply Want To Enhance Or Repair Something (Carpenter)

Harry likes the creative projects, like a pseudo dog house to cover our well pump. May 2011.

Projects can be done after you move in to make things nicer, or to repair or replace things after you’ve been there awhile. A great carpenter is gold.

We used our neighbor for two decades. Harry retired, so now we use Roberto Serrano, a highly skilled, hard working craftsman. Awesome: 321-299-6070 or

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When You Have A Leak Of Any Sort, Who Ya Gonna Call? (Plumber)

Plumbing magically takes care of itself at Aventureland Veranda in Magic Kingdom. Before & after…

Rarely does anyone need a plumber, but when we do, it’s usually important. We are happy to know and trust Oscar Velazquez, the husband of our son’s first grade teacher. In Central Florida 407-562-7738.

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Who Do You Call If Your Pet Is Sick? (Veterinarian)

Yesterday we surprised our friends at Sand Lake Animal Clinic with a couple pizzas & drinks. We had to be sure they knew we appreciated what they did the day before.

It took five people to hold Cooper down to clean his ears. Cooper? Our sweet one-year old Lab puppy? Yep. Thank you Dan, Dr. Spurgeon and team.

Website or  407-876-4461 (Orange County, Florida)

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Note: In Osceola County we give our highest recommendation to Kissimmee Animal Hospital, from 23 years experience: website or 407-438-4449

Mid Life Celebration LLC Hits 100k Milestone In June From Humble Beginnings 27 Months Ago (Results)

The ripple effect has begun in earnest…

When Mid Life Celebration, LLC was incorporated January 1, 2009, almost immediately, nothing happened. But on April Fool’s Day an ambitious goal was set: to write in all 5 blogs everyday for 100 straight days.

Two-plus years later, Mid Life Celebration has surpassed 100k monthly visits.

THANK YOU for stopping by to think, smile or be grateful.

Not hits, visits. If I shared the number of monthly ‘hits’, you wouldn’t believe me.

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It Wasn’t A Casual Question Yesterday When I Asked Are You Ready For The Unexpected (Anticipate)

You are the custodian of your life…

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Expect the unexpected. Be prepared (Boy Scout motto). You get the picture – life happens. How organized and prepared we are determines to a large extent, our happiness in life.

Not expecting perfect here, but certainly a real attempt at excellence. We should have a person to call in virtually every situation where something can (and will) go wrong.

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