Short and pithy blog posts can slip away even when you try not to let them

simple or complex
simple and easy… or bulky and complicated? No brainer, eh?


Short and pithy blog posts can slip away even when you try not to let them. A promise is a promise. There is an exception to every rule. Life goes on…

How was that? Toughest thing is to say a lot without saying a lot.

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Cool App

Recently discovered how to easily schedule blog posts for future dates.

This week has been dedicated to experimenting with the newly found app.  It’s embarrassingly easy.  Should have figured this out long ago, but instead, only this past weekend.

On one blog, I’ve scheduled the next ten daily blog posts.  Others (5 total) a few days ahead, and a couple just a day in advance.

I still write five every morning; however, I’m writing a few “buffer blog posts”, for those days and weeks when the unexpected happens.

Dream big and do something great.  Even if it’s a “small” great, like making a sad or lonely person smile.

How Many Posts?

Total posts?

Since March 2009, 1,152.  From five daily blogs, by the way.

Not bad for a guy who simply wants to “leave a trail” for his young (9 years old) son.

And, oh yeah, one other thing.  Not bad for a father that wants to help raise enough money until a cure is found for his son’s incurable disease.

Hopefully, you’ll never tire of hearing about this.  I don’t.  How could I?