Growing Up

Is there ever a time when there is a valid excuse?

Lake Buena Vista, Florida and Walt Disney World entrance sign
Busy intersection, busy life – very little relief. Ever. Great environment for excuses.


Personal responsibility is not about blame or guilt, it’s about control and hope. And there is no valid excuse for not being responsible for everything.

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Uncommon Sense

Just To Be Clear (please)

The lower left corner was in yesterday’s post….

By the way, I am not saying, nor attempting to imply, that we are bad when we are disorganized. What I’m saying, from 52 years of personal experience and keen observation is this: my life is easier (not easy), more (not perfectly) productive and more effective in direct proportion to my ability to get and stay organized.

Common sense Insight: Life comes at us every day. Our piles will grow unmanageable, like weeds in a garden, if we don’t tend to them.

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