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Disney Keynote Speakers Orlando
Energetic and fun. Always and without exception.


Disney Keynote Speakers Orlando
Slow it down, focus, draw the audience in with emotion and insight. Always and without exception.


Disney Keynote Speakers Orlando
Client relationships – this client knows i pound through water so they over-focused. Then i built a water bottle castle. Notice Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck?


keynote speech prep
Meeting a client for the first time in Lee Cockerell’s living room, while he was in the middle of a video shoot. Lee led 40k Cast Member for a decade. He’s my favorite Disney mentor.


Disney Keynote Speakers Orlando
Gave away a million (plus or minus…it felt like it anyway) of these Disney Characters as positive reinforcement for audience participation.


Disney Keynote Speakers Orlando
Occasionally, i left my driveway and returned to it on the same day. And occasionally, across the United States, my stage was center court, or the Super Dome end zone. Pictured above is the Orlando Magic’s home court – the Amway Center.


Be prepared to be wowed. Jeff’s signature Disney speaking style is engaging, energetic, insightful, interactive, thought-provoking. His profound, context-neutral business messages, delivered with Disney creativity, apply to every employee in every industry. No one leaves his speech until they have accepted his unique challenge.


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USP aka unique selling proposition

Simplicity wisdom
From Facebook last night.


USP is also known as “unique selling proposition”.

It’s something that compellingly separates you and your business from the others who are vying for your customer base.

Until recently, i never gave this serious thought even though i’ve always understood the concept theory. Working for 30 years inside a big Company like Disney, there’s a well-oiled corporate marketing team that has one job – to market Disney’s USP.

And they do it brilliantly.

The sudden invitation two days ago to be part of a large, public, Canadian conference (in 14 days) had me scrambling to polish up some marketing sound bites.

And it caused deep introspection on my own unique selling proposition.

How did i become Disney Institute’s highest rated, most requested speaker? How/why was i selected not once, but twice, to receive both of the Walt Disney Lifetime Achievement Awards?

It had a lot to do with my life’s work – 30 years inside Disney – and honing the most complex and sophisticated business secrets.

It also had a lot to do with a passion for keeping things simple (and prioritized), without which, nothing great happens.

Now all i have to do is say all of that in 200 characters, including spaces and periods.




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Disney Executive management Speakers
Crowded lends itself to distracting.


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Balance is not a myth.

Work is only work if you’d rather be doing something else.

jeff began writing on April Fools Day 2009 to leave a trail for his young son in case something bad ever happened.

Everyday since (2k+ days) he’s written five differently themed posts about balance:

Mind • Body • Spirit • Work • Home

Thanksgiving Day 2013 published best selling book.


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First independent speaker bio

Disney Executive Speaker jeff noel
The Walt Disney Legacy Award 2013.

Our next speaker honed today’s leadership messages from a lifetime at Disney. He brings 30 years of Disney experience, knowledge and secrets from Disney’s Chief of Staff to Disney’s cleaning staff.

To pad his resume as a college graduate, jeff became a Cast Member in 1982, as a Jungle Cruise Skipper in Adventureland. He left Disney later that year – equipped with an 18-speed touring bicycle and $75 cash – to pursue a dream of riding a bike across America.

Returning to Orlando in 1984 from Washington State,  jeff, his wife Cheryl, and Disney’s brand new CEO Michael Eisner, were hired the same day. Disney needed someone new at the very top, and someone at the, well, at the very bottom.

He progressed quickly from lifeguard to Resort Operations, where he carved out a 15 year leadership career until the phone rang with an inquiry from Disney Institute. The rest as they say is history.

Since 1999, jeff has spoken to one million+ people globally through Disney Institute.

He retired in 2014 to give speeches to change the world. He was Disney Institute’s highest rated, most requested speaker. And he’s received both of Disney’s Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Jeff believes work is only work if you’d rather be doing something else. Allergic to most pollens and mediocrity, he can’t wait for the alarm clock to go off every morning.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome jeff noel.

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