Lean into discomfort

    Leaning into discomfort is most easily accomplished by doing things that you’ve never done before. Sometimes the only reason you’ve never down something before is simply because you haven’t tried. Try.   •  •  •  •  • This website is about our home health. To leave this site to read today’s post on my mental attitude […]

And about as exciting as planning that solo cross country bicycle trip

  (photo: The most sophisticated pocket computer ever created also doubles as a phone – the future is here?) One hundred days ago the call was initiated to talk about the future. It was made from the older, less sophisticated iPhone 5s. But only 100 days ago the iPhone 5s was the most sophisticated pocket computer known […]

You Mean He Just…

“You mean he just decided to ride his bike across the country by himself?”, my wife’s friend asked her recently. Well, not exactly. In fact, not even close. The idea of a cross-country bicycle trip had been with me since 1973.  The actual trip began nearly a decade later.  So, no, I didn’t just decide. […]

jeff noel and Search Engines

jeff noel and Search Engines.  SEO. Search engine optimization.  Google. Yahoo, Bing. Safari. Firefox. Internet Explorer. Mozilla.  There are a ton of search engines out there. Mostly, I use Google.  Why?  Google is the most recognized, and Google dominates search engine traffic. Meeting with a fellow writer yesterday, he was using Yahoo. He told me […]