If Tomorrow Never Comes

What are your big plans for April? Remember, impossible or big doesn’t mean something no one else has ever done. It’s means impossible or big relative to what you have never done.

Just so you know, I battle every single day with keeping up, prioritizing, postponing and even completely letting go.

And with change, the more you proactively practice, the better you get at it, which feeds your self-confidence, which just keeps helping you.

Not sure if I’ll be blogging tomorrow. Have a best-selling book to finish. April is get it done month.

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I Am

Patience Is A Blessing

30 Years Later, Book Is For The 2nd One from The Left
30 Years Later, Book Is For The 2nd One from The Left

Patience is a blessing. Patience is also a virtue.

How long are you willing to work at reaching your big dreams?

Correct answer….

At least 30 years.


The dream came to me in 1980.

To write a book, to leave a legacy, and to teach our children life’s most basic, and important lessons.

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