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Midlife Celebration is a website, Baby Boomer blog, and midlife think tank. Founder jeff noel is driven to help others think, smile and be grateful. And by driven, think in terms of the passion Walt Disney harnessed to innovate cartoons. Next Blog

jeff noel Knows

jeff noel knows.  No, seriously. I know the reason why we get old. “You don’t stop doing things because you get old.  You get old because you stop doing things.” — Rosamonde Pilcher

jeff noel Aggressively Unfancy?

Is jeff noel aggressively unfancy?  Well, one thing for certain, I’m certainly not too funny when I blog.  But I sure do try to be aggressively unfancy. And the concept of being unfancy is one most of us have never heard of. We have, but not in those exact words. Aggressively unfancy means, to me, […]

When’s Your Funeral?

Morbid thought or inspirational thought? Inspirational thought! Why? Because when we realize that tomorrow is not guaranteed, perhaps we will put more focus on today. Looks good on paper, but is incredibly elusive.  The whole “live in the moment” thing is very challenging to do. Have you ever tried it?  I mean, day after day, […]

My Friend Said This

“To know is to do.  To know and not do, is to not yet know”. —  jeff’s friend Said another way:  “Common sense needs to be common practice”. – jeff noel Otherwise, it’s like we don’t even know what common sense is. Yes, this is painful to admit.  Yes, it’s not easy to apply common […]