No prophets here

Disney Keynote Speaker Jeff Noel service awards
Tip of the iceberg. No one knows nor cares about my convictions. Disney noticed, appreciated, and recognized it on a hyper-excellent level.

Your only hope in the deepest, darkest moments in your life is that others who are generally quiet and cowardly, we step forward with action and conviction for what is good and decent.

Ukraine’s reputation is becoming enhanced because of their leader’s will and their Country’s will to defend their freedom – with their life.

No one knew Ukrainian people as a general stereotype, had such conviction.

Their story is anchored in horrific inhumanity that most notably includes the Holocaust.

Adversity doesn’t develop character, it reveals it.

There are soundbites i will say until i die. The previous sentence and this sentence…

Never get bored with the basics.

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Now that i’m clear

quote about independence
With God as my witness, this is a screen shot from an hour ago. i believe my wife and son always deserve an explanation.

Now that i’m clear, i feel a lightness that is literally indescribable.


So cool.

Thriving to the next level.

Life is hard.

i get it.

i’m an alcolholic.

Probably addicted to sugar too.

And i used to smoke cigarettes, but only when i drank. And for 28 years, i only drank twice a week, on weekends and weekdays.

Dysfunction is nothing to be ashamed of.

It’s widespread.

But carrying some (self-imposed) unnecessary burden that it’s my job to fix it was unreasonable.

Ever hopeful. 

Optimistic to a fault?

Then the creative year-long effort to reveal the obvious.

Change can only come from self-motivation.

Let’s just admit where we stand and then be willing to accept it and let go of things we can’t control.

 PS. Facebook does not a solution make. Too public. Too impersonal. Like the dictatorial boss who thinks she can send memos to change her company’s culture…

PSS: Context – this post may seem hypocritical, like the boss writing the memo. Not everything is as it appears – private efforts remain private. i am at peace with the personal face-to-face and voice-to-voice efforts i have made in the past. Moving forward, these are always welcome. And i have retired from initiating them. Not initiating them in 2018 was the equivalent of the USA imposing economic sanctions on a country that takes USA’s generosity for granted, meaning a mental health professional agreed it would be a legitimate approach.

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The Art of Being Yourself TED Talk video


The Art of Being Yourself TED Talk video.

Caroline has an interesting and compelling take on authenticity.

Time well spent in my opinion.


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This website is about our home health. To leave this site to read today’s post on my mental attitude website, click here.

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Practice what you preach or be quiet

Disney Executive Speaker jeff noel
On the way to a meeting.


Thirty years at Disney makes it easy to share this with you, with conviction…

Today is not a good day to put your dreams on hold.

Practice what you preach or be quiet.

We are tired of hearing what you’re going to do.

Go do it, and share it after you’ve done it.

That will inspire us.

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Let it go

Retweet of jeff noel quote
Second from bottom tweet, above, is a jeff noel quote.


jeff noel quote on Instagram
Same quote posted by same person’s Instagram account, without attribution to me. No worries. It happens sometimes.


The second photo is cool. A great quote. Who’s it from?

One of the rarely realized benefits from being decently organized (in this case on social media) is that when someone quotes you but makes it sound like their own – no worries, it just comes with the territory.

The upside is the realization that you are using original content in your life, not someone else’s.

Having original thoughts, inspired by great and compassionate thinkers before us, inspires us to become a truer, more authentic version of ourselves.

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