The power of not selling

Wide angle shot from last night.
Closeup. The email sender’s name is more important than the subject line. The preheader text is also more important than the subject line.

Matthew Montoya is an email list expert. He has a decade of experience teaching (14k total) businesses globally.

What is mystifying to those of us not on the inside of email list creation, management and improvement, comes across effortlessly with his broad and deep insider experience.

Everything he shared made perfect sense.

Guessing that his message resonated more and had greater credibility because he didn’t try to sell us anything.

Duly noted.

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You can observe a lot from one little trick

Parking lot numbers
Yesterday at Windermere Prep.


Parking lot numbers
Walking towards the track yesterday morning.


You can observe a lot from one little trick:

Paying attention.

In a random moment walking through a High School parking lot yesterday morning, a Sunday, the (empty) parking lot numbers caught my eye.

The first photo has gotten me to today, age 56.

The second photo represents a deadline that’s tempting to forget.

No male on my Dad’s side has lived past 60.

What motivates you and does it still light your fire?

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