We all know where the well-worn path leads

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Willie has blown enough smoke in his life. That’s part of his persona. And his voice has no challengers.


Willie Nelson is 82 years old.

A category of one.

How’d he get that way?

He played, and continues to play, a lot of gigs.

And he never followed the well-worn path.

Use this in any way you see fit today, to move yourself closer to whatever it is you wish you had.

PS. Saw Willie in concert last night.

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Are you an artist?


Are you an artist?

Some of us have a quick, definitive answer.

Others aren’t sure. Here are the simple criteria to tell.

An artist does one (or both) of these things:

  1. Does the same thing others do, but better.
  2. Does the same thing others do, but differently.

Artists do it better or differently (and in rare cases, both).

Most of us will never be “better.”

Yet there is absolutely nothing stopping any of us from being different.


Nothing except doubt and fear.

Doing it differently is not the same as being better. Differently is wide open. There are no rules, no boundaries.

It can be as laser-focused as this – we can become an artist simply by the (different) way we slay doubt and fear.

It can be as simple as writing five blogs a day instead of one.


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jeff noel Just Had One Of Those Midlife Musical Moments

Secret powers of any sort are generally discovered organically

Thank you John Lennon for the timely, and profound, flashback…”You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”….

Look, jeff noel understands yesterday’s post is a pie-in-the-sky dream. Imagine middle-aged Americans being the healthiest of all age groups – the leaders in what to do and what not to do. The teachers.

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The Past Few jeff noel Blog Posts Showcased What A Post Looks Like Without Using Keywords Purposefully

Details with purpose: Icons, used repetitiously, help shape a culture.

Midlife Celebration’s jeff noel purposefully used “I” in place of jeff noel. Using “I” looks less arrogant but completely fails in SEO keyword optimization.

Using Mid Life Celebration and jeff noel optimizes keyword utilization, but readers can tire from it. Seth Godin no longer needs to write his posts like noel is doing. Someday, noel won’t need to either. Bold? Uh huh. Why not? Go.

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September’s Writing Is Inspired To Be Free Style and Free Form

This photo can mean many different things to many people. And that's perfect.

jeff noel has been writing prolifically about Life’s Big Choices since 2009, and encouraging others to consider the simplicity of life’s big picture: Mind, Body, Spirit, Money and HQ. What is most exciting now, in September, is that a feeling of creativity, inspiration and innovation are more important than anything else (for the short term anyway).

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