The seventh year begins today, no fooling

    (photos: Top: April 1, 2010. Bottom: April 5, 2011.) Today marks the beginning of the seventh year. Hard to believe what began on April Fools Day 2009 as a 100-day, self imposed, kick-your-butt writer’s bootcamp has blossomed into something remarkably different. Honestly didn’t think it would last 100 days. Maybe it was the […]

If Tomorrow Never Comes

What are your big plans for April? Remember, impossible or big doesn’t mean something no one else has ever done. It’s means impossible or big relative to what you have never done. Just so you know, I battle every single day with keeping up, prioritizing, postponing and even completely letting go. And with change, the […]

Maybe It’s Time

You could always subscribe via email… Maybe it’s time to remind everyone that April will change things for me. Are you expecting big change in April? Are you driving big change? The more things change, the more they stay the same. Change is the only constant. I love routine just as much as change. Sounds […]